Workdplace Health and Safety Policy

Efor Industrial Plants Installation, Manufacture and Construction Ltd.’s workplace health and safety policy is based upon the highest respect to humans and to the environment in which they live. Since its foundation in 1998, Efor Industrial has prioritised workplace health and safety (WHS), and our “health first” slogan underlines the importance we attach. In order to maintain a safe and secure workplace every member is responsible for fulfilling their duties within the limits of their power.

In order to improve our WHS management system, we are committed

  • To work in line with national and international sectoral standards and with workplace health and safety regulations,
  • To analyse and meet client needs and expectations to the highest degree possible,
  • To be open to change, to adopt continuous replenishment and clean production as a policy by making no concessions on the service quality,
  • To ensure workplace health and safety conditions for all employees, visitors and clients,
  • To manage WHS risk analyses and to minimise risks,
  • To optimise company’s work accidents prevention system,
  • To take necessary health precautions and take necessary steps to prevent workplace injury and impairments,
  • To organise training programs to guarantee workplace health and safety, and to improve the conditions under which our employees work,
  • To revise these objective periodically, and to take action in order to achieve WHS goals.