Quality Policy

As Efor Industrial, we regard “quality” as concept of superiority of performance to fully meet client requirements and needs to the highest degree possible based on client satisfaction.

Efor Industrial’s quality policy can be summarised as follows:

Efor Industrial Plants Installation, Manufacture and Construction Ltd. guarantees that its services are accepted in both national and international markets and that they fully meet client expectations.

In this context, Efor Industrial reinforces employee motivation, achieves outstanding quality standards beyond client expectations and ensures 100% satisfaction by

  • Following its quality policy in all levels,
  • Continuously improving all process, product and service quality programs, and aiming at ceaseless development,
  • Setting quality objectives and rewarding those who attain these objectives,
  • Developing necessary training programs and supporting employee participation in these programs,
  • Reinforcing teamwork and employee participation in the quality management process.

The executive staff shall ensure the attainment of the policy.

The quality policy is conveyed to all staff by various means such as training programs and notices in order for every member to internalise abovementioned goals and to act in line.