Quality Standarts

Efor Industrial Plants Installation, Manufacture and Construction Ltd.’s independent quality department operates directly under the general manager’s supervision. The department is liable for the examination of every manufacture and installation process and for the approval of relevant executive decisions.  Operations of the department can be divided into two main sections as manufacture and installation. For each project, the department assumes full responsibility in three steps:

  • Project appraisal,
  • Quality planning,
  • Organisation and application of all tests specified in the inspection and test plan (ITP).

Efor Industrial’s quality department classifies the scope of its operations as:

  • Manufacture
    • Pressure units
    • Non-pressure units
  • Installation

1) Manufacture

Pressure Units

The quality department takes Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC as reference on pressure equipments and units.  According to their danger category, appropriate modules which are classified by Article 10 of the directive and elaborated in Attachment II are selected for the manufacturing of the units. According to selected modules, each and every step of the manufacture process is controlled and approved in line with EN 12952 and EN 13445 standards accepted by PED. On approval, the units are verified according to the European Union standards. Unit and parts are than marked with Conformance European (CE). In accordance with selected modules, pre-manufacture inspection and tests are planned. Hold and wait points are designated for clients and public authorities. Thanks to precision control mechanisms, pressure vessel and boilers are delivered to clients with zero error. Efor Industrial ensures the manufacture of pressure vessels and boilers according to ASME Code and to its relevant directives.

The quality department meets general fusion welding quality requirements according to ISO 3834-2 certification.

The quality department,

  • Certifies steel and aluminium welders respectively with EN 287-1+A2 (ISO 9606-1), and ISO 9606-2,
  • Certifies welders by national ASME SecIX, EN 13067, API 1104,AWS D1.5 and AWS B2.4 codes and standards (WQT) upon client’s requests,
  • Certifies welders by national standards such as EN 1418 and ASME Sec IX AWS D1.1 for robot welding,
  • Approves welding methods according to EN ISO 15610-15614 ASME SEC IX Standards (WPQR,WPAR),
  • Prepares WPS according to approved WPQR and EN 15609-1,
  • Selects EN 5817 Class-B for weld seam quality levels after the process,
  • Meets EN 12062 (ISO 17635) standard for post-welding control and inspection, and implements NDT (MT,VT,UT,PT,RT,ET, Phased Array and Time Of Flight Diffraction) processes in line with the standards,
  • Verifies mechanical conformity of manufactured units applying various inspection methods such as dimensional control, tightening control for nuts and alignment checks in compliance with PED 97/23/3C, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and other relevant EU standards to guarantee zero error and on-time delivery,
  • Verifies materials for the manufacture of pressure units according to national material standards for pressure vessels, thermal power plant water tube boilers and parts, such as N 12952-2, EN 13445-2 and ASME Sec II.

During material selection process, the quality department practices on

  • Harmonised European standards,
  • European Material Data System (EMDS),
  • ASME Sec II,
  • Special material assessments (EN 764-4).

Before manufacture, all materials are certified by EN 10204 3.1, 3.2 and EN 10204 2.2 (for welding filler materials) in line with the standards specified by EN 12952-2.

All process and controls are documented and the documents are reserved (for at least 10 years) as selected PED methods require.

Non-pressure Units

Efor Industrial maintains quality standards in compliance with DIN 18800-7 Class-E Certificate. “100% traceability and control” principle for pressure units are subject to standards set by DIN 18800-7. Steel constructions are initially classified according to their danger category before the manufacturing process; and then inspection and test plans along with quality activation processes begin. Each step of the manufacturing and control activities is documented and the documents are archived referring to the categories set by DIN 18800-7.


The quality department prepares a Method Statement for the installation of pressure and non-pressure units in line with relevant standards, and controls every stage of installation according to prepared inspection and test plans.


Our quality certifications;

  1. EN ISO 9001:2008, certified by DVS,
  2. EN ISO 9001:2008, certified by NISSERT,
  3. DIN EN ISO 3834-2, certified by GSI SLV,
  4. DIN 18800-7 CL-E, certified by GSI SLV,
  5. ASME A,U,S,PP Stamps (Pre-Qualification of Certification),
  6. OHSAS 18001:2007, (for production) certified by TCS,
  7. OHSAS 18001:2007, (for installation and site works) certified by TCS,
  8. ISO 14001:2004, certified by FQC.