Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To be a dynamic, innovative and leading company in machinery manufacture for the energy sector.

To offer quality services over and beyond client expectations by making the best use of our experience and technology.


Our Mission

To create a loyal client group satisfied beyond their expectations thanks to our expert and meticulous staff who meets client requirements in a timely manner with the highest quality standards, and who works with a strict sense of responsibility and high motivation.

As Efor Industrial, our principle is to invest in the technology along with our sector, employees and clientele; and to adopt an innovative, creative, enterprising, participative, analytic, rational, scientific, sincere and refined approach.


Our Values


ETHICS; As Efor Industrial, we carry out all our operations, business processes and relationships in an ethical manner. We are proud to continue our ethical development with the participation of all our members.


QUALITY; Our sense of quality applies to both our services and the corporate culture as a whole including all our executive staff and employees. Our objective is to have all our employees adopt our sense of quality as a manner of life.


TRUST; We consider trust as the most important and essential quality. As Efor Industrial, we attach great importance to establish our relationships based on trust.


RESPECT TO HUMANS AND TO THE ENVIRONMENT; We regard respect to humans and to the environment as our one the most vital and principle missions, and invest in appropriate technologies in line with this principle. We aim at living humanely in a healty environment.