About Us

EFOR Industrial Plants Installation, Manufacture and Construction Inc. was founded in Ankara in 1998 with the aim of providing thermal, natural gas and hydroelectric power plants and large industrial installations with fast, cheap, high quality and satisfactory manufacturing, complete installation, disassembly, engineering and commissioning services about

  • Pressurised and non-pressurised units,
  • Steel construction,
  • Construction and
  • Rehabilitation activities.

Efor Inc. continues its operations in 5 manufacturing plant in 3 different locations around Ankara which have an open area of 71,000 m2 and an indoor area of 46,500m2. Efor carries out its activities with a team composed of more than 500 plant staff 90 of which are engineers, and over 2000 site staff. Since its foundation Efor Industrial has been placed among the prestigious organisations in both national and international energy sector with its innovative, zealous, professional and dynamic staff and experienced site team. In this context Efor Inc. cooperates with exclusive European partners on energy projects. Besides constructing new power plants in both national and international level, Efor Industrial also provides plants with maintenance and revision services.

Efor Industrial Inc. Presentation