Environment Policy

As Efor Industrial Plants Installation, Manufacture and Construction Ltd., we are strongly committed to the examination of the interaction between the environment and the energy sector in which we carry out our operation, and to engrain environment awareness in all our partners. In this context, Efor Ltd. uses eco-technologies which eliminate or reduce environmental effects to the smallest possible degree.

As Efor Industrial, we are committed


  • To closely follow national and international regulations along with client requirements related to the environment, and to continuously improve environmental management and performance systems,
  • To use appropriate technologies in order to minimise and keep environmental effects under control within technical and economic possibilities,
  • To raise awareness about environmental responsibilities among all our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers, to organise training activities in this field and to ensure the participation of abovementioned groups,
  • To maintain continuous contact with our suppliers and clients to improve the environmental effects of products,
  • To reduce the wastes generated during manufacturing, transportation and maintenance activities, to evaluate recycling and utilisation options and to prevent environmental pollution.