Engineering and Consultancy


The engineering department of Efor Industrial Ltd. offers full-scale consultancy services for power plant engineering works.

Engineering services;

  • Construction works and general layouts of plant areas
  • Steam boilers
  • Steam turbines
  • Mechanical infrastructure engineering works
  • Steam turbine cooling systems (cooling towers and other auxiliary equipments)
  • Coal transportation systems
  • Ash collection and transfer systems
  • Limestone storage and transfer systems
  • Ancillary plant equipments
  • Infrastructural design of technical and administrative buildings of power plants
  • Cold tests
  • Preparation of single-line diagrams and calculations of shortcut values for power plants
  • Electric power system of power plants
  • Switchyard systems
  • Power plant measurement and control systems (instrumentation and control)
  • Commissioning acceptance tests, test controls and calculations
  • Preparation of detailed engineering calculations and technical specifications

Consultancy services;

  • Feasibility works
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) data sharing
  • Preparation of administrative and technical specifications
  • Project appraisals and contract negotiations
  • Licensing support
  • Key and conceptual designs
  • Bidding and purchases
  • Project management
  • Inspection and reporting of detailed designs
  • Supervision in quality control
  • Plant area administration and supervision
  • Factory tests and controls
  • Supervisory in commissioning and performance tests
  • Plant operating trainings
  • Plant operating support

Since 1998, Efor Industrial has offered rehabilitation services for power plants as well as engineering and consultancy services. Consequently, Efor Industrial knows the power plants operating in Turkey well. Furthermore, the company has gained great experience in offering technical solutions and taking necessary precautions in order to improve feasibility. Efor Industrial incorporates expert staff experienced in all levels in the energy sector including plant administration.